Clinicians, Ambulatory Surgery Centers (ASCs), imaging, labs, hospitals, and all other providers - we've got a direct pay, high value network. Please join MarketNet by filling out this simple registration form and we'll contact you soon with next steps

Welcome to MarketNet

The only Market driven health Network in the US

Finally a national network that works for you

We build high-value custom provider/facility health networks for self-funded health plans. No more static networks that prevent you from driving value for your members, we provide a completely customizable network solution to improve price, access, and user experience.

  • Fully white/private label
  • Direct contracts & RBP (if desired)
  • Tiered structure to improve value for members while saving cost for sponsors
  • No % of savings, transactional fees, or other questionable fee structures

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Direct Contracts

Access our current direct contracts and we'll build as needed based on member location. We can also seamlessly absorb your direct contracts.

Partner & Wrap Networks

We have several wrap network & direct contract partners to provide members with the largest network in the US.

Tiered Plan Design

We'll work with you to design a proper tiered network based on balance between price, access, and user experience. Tiering is the key to driving network value.

Out of Network

We do RBP (as needed) and treat all out of network claims as an opportunity to build a relationship. Members are never left to deal with the system on their own.

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